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DRIP Method

Let's talk dividend reinvestments... Who ya got?

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re: DRIP Method

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re: DRIP Method
Im a staunch DRIP guy, but recently I bought my first ETF which was DXJ bc Im banking on US tapering and a weakening yen to 105 or so causing a rise in Japan but but but before that, I was all in on PM,V,MO as my 3 biggest holdings and all in a DRIP but also XOM,CVX,COP,PSX,KO,PG

I read a piece about mark cuban refinancing the mavs in yen bc he was short the yen, opened my eyes to the whole japan trade and where it's going. Their stimulus is so much bigger than ours in comparison so it's made me hold off on buying more individual stocks in the short term as I focus on DXJ over the next 6-12 months.
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