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Thon Maker.. Bball recruit


Wasn't this the kid from country day? Someone was posting about him the other day.. Found this. Siap
Will be interesting to follow him.
Guess moving to east coast vs Nola helped exposure.

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re: Thon Maker.. Bball recruit

Looks like his handler moving him up there is starting to pay off, for the handler. Every mention means he can up the price a little bit more.

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re: Thon Maker.. Bball recruit

He's on the all-time cool name list for sure.

Thon Maker

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re: Thon Maker.. Bball recruit

Ben Hansen
Milladore, Wis. > Timber Sports
Hansen, a rising senior at Wisconsin-Stevens Point, won the Stihl Timbersports Collegiate Championships in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., with 19 points in four events, including first place in single buck (slicing a log with a crosscut saw: 21.05 seconds) and second in standing block chop (chopping an upright log with an ax: 33.64). He was third in the underhand chop (standing on a log while chopping it in half with an ax: 36.01) and stock saw (slicing a log twice with a chain saw: 15.22).

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