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Why was my CSB thread about going through a checkpoint deleted?

Which rule did it break?

No big deal. Just curious.

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re: Why was my CSB thread about going through a checkpoint deleted?


• Your post(s) will be whacked if you:
o “Call someone out.”
o “Spam” the board, i.e., attempt to sell goods or services, or direct users to commercial sites, without prior authorization from board management.
o Threaten anyone.
o Stalk another poster, i.e., repeatedly reply to his/her posts for the purpose of ridiculing, mocking, insulting, or flaming.
o Post pictures or link to web sites showing nude men or women, male or female genitalia, or female nipples. This includes images in which such features can be seen through clothing. For women, "nude" means without top and/or bottom. Administrators may block any other images deemed inappropriate.
o Post unsubstantiated information about LSU players, coaches, administrators or officials. Rumors will not be tolerated. News must at least be reported by a mainstream media outlet to support its posting. Other LSU message boards do not count as mainstream media.
o Post copyrighted material from other web sites.
o Flame other boards and brag about it here, or whine about what users on other boards are saying about LSU. If you have a problem with another board, take it up with that board's management.
o Create outlandish posts with no other purpose but to flame.

• Your post(s) may be whacked if you:
o Start a new thread for every thought that pops into your head.
o Start a new thread in response to an existing thread.
o Start a new thread commenting on an existing thread anywhere on the site.
o Use an excessive amount of emoticons (i.e., smileys) in a post.
o Use gratuitous profanity.
o Engage in excessive “IMing.”

Pick one

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Hugo Stiglitz
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re: Why was my CSB thread about going through a checkpoint deleted?

They usually auto delete checkpoint threads.

Unwritten rule.

Don't take it too hard.

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