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re: Marvel Phase 3? Stan Lee dropping knowledge

Well honestly I think throughout the comics especially Marvel and DC are some fantastic characters and storylines and potential for producing some excellent stuff.

I think after Nolan showed the model of how to make a "super hero" flick, great actors, a simple and as realistic script and not selling out for money by keeping characters and especially villains tangible throughout the process as best as they can be.

I think there is a huge market for these movies, maybe in 10 years we will have had enough but it seems each movie seems to create interest in other characters of the genre so until that subsides we can expect to see more.

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re: Marvel Phase 3? Stan Lee dropping knowledge


I'm a comic book/graphic novel fan, but this has to end at some point, right?

Over saturation is going to kill the genre in the movie medium.

Seems we continue to make the same cop and/or law movie 15 times a year. That has never waned.

I see a lot of people post this put let's see:

1. We've been making the High School Teen Age Comedy since Porky's 4-5 per year every year.
2. We've been making the college comedy movie every year 2-3 per year
3. We've been making cop movies every single month - 10 per year on average
4. We've been making the courtroom drama 3-4 per year

You could do this for ANY genre/set of tropes. Why are superhero movies so fragile to being "overexposed?"

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