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Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?


“There’s some NBA teams that have shown a lot of interest.” Ingles reported to the media this week.

“That’s definitely the goal, to get over there, and I’m going to have a fair crack at it either way”.

“If I can get a contract or if it’s going to training camps or whatever it is, I’m going to take a shot at it.

Most recently it appears the newly named New Orleans Pelicans, who by no coincidence have a gaping hole in the small-forward position, have taken interest in the newly uncontracted Ingles.

Al-Farouq Aminu never really moulded into the player that the organisation had hoped for. His inconsistency and inability to stretch the floor or handle the ball made him somewhat of a liability, Ingles however would make a versatile wing-defender to pair with Anthony Davis.

Joe Ingles makes perfect sense for the Pelicans because he brings exactly what they need. He doesn’t have to be the primary ball-handler, but isn’t a liability to shoot the ball. Defensively he can guard opposing wings (Joe posted the 7th fastest Agility at the 2009 NBA combine, as fast as Jrue Holiday and Darren Collison).

The Pelicans have plenty of cap-space this summer and can afford to take a risk on a European player. If Ingles doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world, the 2014 Draft waits. He’s been tested and is hungry to prove himself in the NBA. Scouts have overlooked him and he has noted he knows his NBA window is closing. “I’m 25, turning 26, and the window is closing [on a chance to play in the NBA], not too fast but it is closing."


The next Gustavo Ayon?

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?

I'm down. 3 years and $5-6M.

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?

Mama la pinga.

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?

Music is trippy, but could be a pretty good pick up

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?

Fletch has been on this guy for about a year. So Im wary.

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?


Would be a great pickup if he can guard 3's in the NBA. He's kind of thin

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?

I'm so down. Henry replacement who can hit 3s

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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?


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re: Pelicans interested in Joe Ingles?

i can dig this.


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