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Sriracha Salt

So when I heard this was coming out a while back, I decided I had to try it. Sriracha sauce has become my crack and replaced Tony's, slap ya mama's, etc. as my seasoning that goes on nearly everything. So my hopes were high.

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What a disappointment. The salt is way too fine - I guess I've gotten used to kosher and sea salt. There was no heat in the slightest, with only a barely-discernible taste difference from table salt. The taste was so hard to detect, I would've never guessed it was Sriracha if I was blind. And for some reason, it seemed even "saltier" than real salt somehow.

Tried it a couple of times, threw it away. Big waste of $8 + $5 shipping.

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re: Sriracha Salt

No substitute for the Rooster.

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