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re: DAT---04/30---HOU 4 NYY 7 F

Couple of things.

Grossman is young and gonna take his licks. I still like him. I'm liking Barnes and Laird more er very day. If this team had ANY starting pitching, they'd be much better than what their record says.

They are in the top half of the league in offense.

It's time for Peacock to be demoted the way of Wallace. He's lost it and can't seem to find anything to save his life. Humber is on that high wire line about to fall off.

You have a few prospects in AAA where their numbers say they may be ready.


But their going to call up Jordan Lyles who had a 13+ ERA against guys who are bagging groceries right now.

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re: DAT---04/30---HOU 4 NYY 7 F

Go Stros let's win tonight and take the series

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