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re: Just watched the L F interview

Some know where they want to go early and some don't.

A kid like Brandon Simmons wants to get into the best academic situation possible while still playing big time ball.

A kid like Greg Gilmore, who wanted to go where he would have the best chance to make it to the NFL, needs to make sure he'll "fit in" at the school he picks.

Most want to take visits because it's the first time they ever have the opportunity. Some kids have never been out of Louisiana and want to travel. Being good football players puts them in the position to have coaches or family drive them to places they've never been.

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re: Just watched the L F interview

Just let them enjoy the process.

Also, let the bama fans sweat these kids and follow their tweets/facebooks/tell them to go to bama and all that loser stuff. We should have learned our lesson on this board when guys started calling out l collins and his gf. That was pathetic.....pathetic.

Go to work/class today and get your crap done.

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