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When I bought stock in GM instead of Marvel Comics.

About 15 years ago I started buying stock.

I heard Marvel Comics was in financial trouble. It was a penny stock then. I thought about investing in the company because I like comic books and wanted to help them out.

But I figured, I shouldn't risk my money, it could go bankrupt, etc.

So I bought stock in what I thought was perfectly safe but didn't really like--General Motors. I think their cars suck, I prefer Toyota.

Well, General Motors went bankrupt and Marvel Comics was purchased by Walt Disney. Instead of losing all that money, I would have made a good profit. (I hung on to GM until the bitter end.)

Oh, the irony. There's a moral in this story somewhere.

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re: When I bought stock in GM instead of Marvel Comics.

Moral of the story: Diversification.

Maybe you should have thought about both?

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