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OT Cord cutters, I am in need of help.

So recently I have directv the big middle finger and canceled about 8 years of service.

I jailbroke my appletv recently and installed nitro tv and xbmc with Navi-X. I am very happy with this setup and steaming with AirPlay.

Now I am kind of missing my local channels. I went to target and picked up a small HDTV Antenna and hooked it up to the plasma in my bed room just to see what kind of signal I got.
Basically I got 1 channel that I can't even see.

So now I am looking for a good antenna. I want something I can mount in the attic and get good reception. I can run whatever wiring I need to, so if I need to run some kind of signal booster or whatever I can do that.

What are all you other cord cutters using?

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re: OT Cord cutters, I am in need of help.

Mohu Leaf Plus Antenna

I live in watson and I pick up all the local channels in HD plus a bunch from surrounding towns. About 30 total. Well worth it.

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re: OT Cord cutters, I am in need of help.

Saw this on TWIT"s know how seemed to work well.

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