How exactly does equity work? |
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How exactly does equity work?

Is it simply the difference between the purchase price of your home and what you currently owe?

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re: How exactly does equity work?
LINKIt's the current value of the home less the amount you owe on the mortgage.

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re: How exactly does equity work?
It refers to the old accounting definition of assets = liabilities + equity. It applies to basically any economic entity, not just housing. Equity is what is left over after liabilities are taken care of.

It's what the owner has in the game, basically. In cases where there is no owner (nonprofits, government) it is called "net position" instead.

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re: How exactly does equity work?
if you're wanting to borrow against your equity, lenders will give you around 80%.

You take 80% times your home value subtract how much you owe. the result is how much they are willing to lend.

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