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What is up with Kenny Smith's knees?


In this video you can really see what I'm talking about. Did he have injuries as a player or arthritis?

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re: What is up with Kenny Smith's knees?

has really bad tendonitis. I think he mentioned it a few times on the show.

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re: What is up with Kenny Smith's knees?

His knees have always been slightly bent inward, but as most people know basketball is a hard arse sport on your knees and many ex-players have lifelong knee problems not only from playing a sport for so long at a high level year in and year out, but from the fact that they are taller and naturally taller people put more stress on their knees to stabilize a larger structure. Kenny Smith has already had one knee replacement surgery and has some sort of arthritis I think, and its probably all due in part to his physical activity over his lifespan My guess is, and as hinted at before is that he was always ever-so-slightly knock-kneed, but now that his knees are losing the ligaments between the bones they are reacting by pushing further inward.

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