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Low Blocking rule changes

It's being discussed that the low blocks utilized in the zone blocking schemes may be eliminated from play. I am a big fan of doing this myself, because you can't have player safety with this being allowed. It got me to thinking though how much this rule change would effect the Saints.

I know ATL ran a zone blocking scheme for a while. My question is do they still run this or was this under the previous coaching staff? If they do, then this rule change will effect them very negatively.

the Falcons

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re: Low Blocking rule changes


player safety

I care as much about their safety as bull riders, rodeo clowns, boxers, and ufc fighters.

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re: Low Blocking rule changes

I agree MDS.
Since offensive holding is allowed on every play lets get rid of it.
We don't employ it... let it die.
And to the teams that do use it. Hi denver!

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re: Low Blocking rule changes

If these changes are made, it will complete the transformation to a 100% passing league. These blocks as bad as they are are the main reason you have a running game in the NFL. If you remove them, then say bye bye to the RB position.

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