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What type of farker are you???

I don't do much photoshopping anymore... Every now and then I'll get on a kick when I have time. I'm so-so at best with it... but I try to make the pics I do look as real as possible.

I like them to look real, not shopped at all. I'm not saying mine don't look shopped, but that is what I strive for.

However, many others tend to just slap a photo together, use a big head (when a smaller one is more proportionate, etc....) And pics like that can come out to be the some of the most hilarious.

It really is an art, with many different forms... so what type do you normally go for???

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re: What type of farker are you???

What type of farker are you???

A bad one

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re: What type of farker are you???
Still pictures mostly
Slowly getting into the animated .gif

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