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Neverwinter Online MMO

Recently got in the alpha. Really enjoying it. Engine is nice and smooth. Anyone else tried it?

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re: Neverwinter Online MMO

Is it better than the D&D MMO?

I'm a big fan of the Neverwinter series. NW1 more so than 2, but both still great games.

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re: Neverwinter Online MMO

DDO is atrocious. Very few of the modules are remotely interesting and the gameplay manages to be both clunky and not at all in the spirit of D&D. and I thought Eberron was a stupid campaign setting from the beginning.

Neverwinter has received almost no publicity, so I hope it is surprisingly good and not another also-ran pay-to-win MMO.

Did anyone know that there is also a new Shadowrun MMO in development? Probably not.

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re: Neverwinter Online MMO

Why the hell haven't I got an invite is my question, I pre-ordered torchlight 2 almost specifically for the Neverwinter MMO invite

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