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re: McDonalds AA selection @ 4pm on ESPNU

I think Martin plays a lot of 3 at LSU

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re: McDonalds AA selection @ 4pm on ESPNU


If JOB doesn't make a huge mistake and goes pro, we will be damn good next year. Quarterman, Mickey, and Obviously Martin will start next year with Hickey and JOB.

I think Martin will start at 3. I have a feeling it will be Hickey, Stringer/Morgan, Martin, JOB, Odo in the starting lineup.

The team will be better because they can rotate players out a lot and hopefully press a ton more.

Mickey will backup JOB and Malone will backup Odo.

Quarterman will be backup PG or SG depending on his development.

Don't be discouraged by the fact that the starting lineup doesn't change much, LSU's current players will get better and these players coming in should develop very nicely.

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