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Where to Research/Find New Stocks?

Backstory, I'm in my late 20s. I have been working steadily at a good job since I graduated at 22. First year or two I was an idiot with my money . After that I really focused on saving a good bit and maxing out my 401k contributions.

Now I've got a decent amount saved and with better budgeting I'm trying to get my money to start working for me. I've always been nervous to dabble in the stock market as it seems like legal gambling to me, but I know it can be rewarding if done correctly and responsibly.

I've read a good number of books on tips and steps about the different kinds of stocks and how to go about investing in the stock market. Now I need to know the best place to look-up prospective companies. What's a good place with lots of info? Anyone got some good stocks they recommend me looking into?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

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