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Kelly Blue Book invoice

Buying truck. Dealers invoice is 2 thousand higher than KBB. My starting point for negotiations will be KBB invoice. How much above that should I give him?

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re: Kelly Blue Book invoice
I never deal with just one dealer. Get the specs for the vehicle you want and email at least 5 and as many as 10 dealers for a quote. Pick the 2 cheapest and pit them against each other.

Did it for my last car and it worked. It's a bit of work but is well worth it if you save $$$.

Also when emailing the dealer make sure it goes to their Internet sales guy and not the general email address. A lot of dealerships outsource their live web chat etc to third party companies who just collect leads.

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re: Kelly Blue Book invoice

How much above that should I give him?

4. Never offer or accept the first price.
5. Start off negotiations by saying “that’s not good enough.”
6. Never offer a counter price.
7. Silence is golden. When in doubt, shut up and you will pay less.
8. Know what power you possess by being able to “walk away.”
9. Never negotiate off “MSRP.” The negotiation process should start from the DEALER COST (which is less than INVOICE) price or the WHOLESALE price if purchasing a USED vehicle.
10. Rebates can be deducted from INVOICE price and not MSRP as the dealership will lead you to believe.
11. Know the dealer’s “hold-back” price and what type of incentives that may be offered from the manufacturer or dealership.
12. Don’t discuss a trade-in until you’ve settled on a price for the car you’re buying – each transaction should be separate and not dependent upon one another.

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