Need help at Tight End. |

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Need help at Tight End.

I can start one in my standard scoring league.
Jacob Tamme @ Oakland
Brent Celek @ Tampa Bay
Dallas Clark vs Philadelphia
Mercedes Lewis vs Jets
It's the first week of the playoffs and I've been struggling at TE all season. Please help.

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re: Need help at Tight End.

if shorts doesn't play, I would go with lewis
Same for Tamme if stokley doesn't play
clark has been scoring points lately

lol tough call

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re: Need help at Tight End.

Got the same situation....if Shorts doesnt play, def going with Lewis!

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re: Need help at Tight End.

Of those that you listed, I would go with Tamme if Stokley doesn't play. Otherwise, I'd go Lewis, especially if Shorts doesn't play.

I'm having to make a similar decision. Either Pettigrew vs GB who he's struggled against or Tamme tonight. If Stokley is out again, I will probably pull the trigger on Tamme. That matchup is too good to pass up.

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