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New band radar: Battleme


Battleme first appeared in the season 2 finale of Sons of Anarchy on FX Network with the song, "Burn This Town." It was a strong departure from the guitar heavy band Lions that Drenik fronted.

In the summer of 2010, Drenik relocated to Portland, Oregon to solely focus on the project. He built a studio in the basement of his house and began recording the demos of what would become Battleme’s self-titled debut full length. After tracking over 40 songs, the record was narrowed down to 10 and sent out. Thomas Turner of Ghostland Observatory responded and signed Drenik to his label Trashy Moped Recordings. The two began working on the final version of the record in the fall of 2010 with Turner producing. In conjunction to working on the full length record, Drenik released a quieter solo EP, Big Score, on his own imprint Get Loud. The record consisted of six previously recorded concrete folk numbers.

some tracks:

Hey Hey, My My - from Sons of Anarchy (y'all will recognize this tune)

Shoot The Noise, Man - something a little more funky

Touch - official music video released in March of this year

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