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2012-13 SEC basketball schedules

With no more divsions since the West division has been so bad, the two new teams wont change that. I think the SEC will need to move to 18 games, playing all teams once. Teams play a permanent rival an additional game and rotate 4 teams every year from the remaining 12 opponents to play additional games with. That way you play all teams at least 4 times over 3 years ensuring you play everyone every year. Permanent rivals:

UK-Ten (bigger than Ten-Van)

I would like to see Mizz-UK instead since those are the only two schools other than Vandy where basketball is more popular. Plus they are the two most northern schools and do share a small border.

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re: 2012-13 SEC basketball schedules

I think they have to go back to divisions and play 19 conference games.

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re: 2012-13 SEC basketball schedules

I honestly don't care either way. It's basketball, so you're definitely going to play every team at least once. Not like football where you could go years without seeing an opponent. Besides, our biggest rival is Louisville and they aren't in the SEC so not having a permanent opponent is no big deal.

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