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re: How often do you give to beggars/homeless?

It all depends on the vibe I get. I have no problem helping a person out if they really seem to need it and I have it.

However if they approach me while my kids or my wife are around, I will quickly make it known that they are treading on thin ice and need to back off. I have had a few start to get pissy with me in front of my little girl until I ask them politely to go away while removing my .40 Taurus from my holster and setting it on the seat of my truck. I do not take kindly to exposing my kids to random people roaming around the streets.

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re: How often do you give to beggars/homeless?

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re: How often do you give to beggars/homeless?
I'll give a guy a few dollars for booze. Lord knows they don't have much else going for them.

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re: How often do you give to beggars/homeless?
I give every now a then, but my church does soup kitchen stuff and I know for a fact the homeless have enough access to shelters and charities where I live. I think they said each homeless person in the city can get at 2 solid meals a day if they wanted based on everything around town.
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re: How often do you give to beggars/homeless?
I work in Downtown BR and last weekend a guy came up to me asking if I had any money or knew where there was a shelter at because all the ones he had been to were packed. He said he had a wife and son with him, but I didn't see either of them (which I thought was strange). I really did have no money on me and I pointed in the direction of where a cop was taking a lunch break and said he should go ask him if he knew of any shelters. Guy started walking to the cop and turned away at the last second.

Just Saturday, I was taking another lunch break and a different homeless guy asks me if I had any money on me. I did and I gave him 2 dollars and pointed him in the direction of where a vendor was selling food. It was the day of the parade. After I gave him the money, he took it and walked away without even saying thanks. It felt like the ultimate "thanx for the treat, stupid" to me. I wanted to say something but I just let it go. I think that's going to be the end of it though.

I usually just give them the money to get out of the awkwardness of the situation but after what happened Saturday, I think I have more a "frick you, that's too bad" feeling about them. I'm supporting my own out here and I need all my money for myself.

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