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re: Jared Gaither to be released.


All of your less than insightful posts in this thread have been beyond worthless.



touche bitch.

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re: Jared Gaither to be released.

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re: Jared Gaither to be released.
didn't look at the whole thread cuz most of it seems to be in house jive.

In case not mentioned, PFT is reporting that the SD medical staff doubted the severity of Gaither's injuries. That is, he was faking it. Taking $9mil to sit rather than play.

That's a good thing as far as the injury itself but certainly a huge red flag for any team to get by in evaluating him as an option. If he passes the test and is cheap enough then sure.

Dayum, McKinnie or Gaither would prolly be the largest LT in Saints history. (Anyone else?)

Gaither 6'9" 340lbs
Image: http://ravensblackout.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/jaredgaitherbaltimoreravensvgreenbaychnttwbajhml.jpg

McKinnie 6'8" 360lbs
Image: http://extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site569/2013/0130/20130130__1-bryantmckinnieblock_400.jpg

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