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re: Cowherd ripping players ripping drew brees


Any ideas of the broke players?

Joe Horn?

Have you not seen his BBQ sauce all on grocery store shelves?

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re: Cowherd ripping players ripping drew brees

I would agree with Drew on that. However, I think the NFL should set up a way for players to have lifetime healthcare benefits, but that's about the extent of it for me.

The question is -- how far would that go and to whom?

One of the players suing is John Fourcade. He was on teams for about four years. When you look at his actual playing time, he didn't play the equivalent of a year.

He played 4 years at Ole Miss, then in CFL, USFL, the AFL (the semi-pro one), the Arena League, the National Indoor Football League, etc.

Now, why in the hell is he suing the NFL? Why isn't he suing those other teams/leagues/owners/schools where he actually played and may have sustained injuries?

Big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'s/pockets -- even though he barely played enough in the NFL to get a hangnail.

And, to those who say they didn't fully know the risk -- F*CK YOU, you lying bastards. You're told of the "risk" when you're playing playground ball. Everyone knows the risks. And, everyone knows that the higher you progress the more riskier it is. Back in the '60's players use to joke about all the concussions and being "punch drunk" the rest of your life. Boxers know it, and football players have known it since the days of Bronco Nagurski.
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re: Cowherd ripping players ripping drew brees
You tell this crap to a player from the 60's, 70's and 80's who can barely walk, have cognitive troubles because Concussion information was denied them by their employer. Remember " He's okay, just got his bell rung???" That was a freakin brain injury, you idiot. Of course they should get lifetime medical coverage.
Shoot, when I was a kid, I lived around some Saints players and they all had to have jobs in the off season, so they weren't all Millionaires.
Owners, however, are Billionaires.
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re: Cowherd ripping players ripping drew brees
Brees wasn't talking about those players, he was talking about players like vice young

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re: Cowherd ripping players ripping drew brees

"Drew doesn't owe you a thing"

Cowherd actually right about something?

maybe the mayans were wrong about the year

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re: Cowherd ripping players ripping drew brees

Cowherd is not on Brees side, he's just going left to make better convo. #RATINGS

This and only this

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