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re: Antoine Winfeild Watch?

This is the what have you done for me lately league

Oh I understand that but considering the price, I think he's a decent option. Its not like he's just getting burned every play.

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re: Antoine Winfeild Watch?
witcha, it just takes the market playing out for some of these guys to swallow their pride and take whatever they can find. There's a long list of them. In the stickied FA thread I tried starting some discussion on guys we haven't heard a peep out of in free agency.

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re: Antoine Winfeild Watch?
theres some big names out on the FA board. I guess that's just it... big names want big money. There performance obviously is matching there pay anymore. Seem to be seeing more and more of this salary ditch of players not in their prime. Can't really see why they could'nt score one of these guys for a 1 or 2 year deal, low $$, just to finish out their career, pay a few bills. Players just have to realize once their prime is over, so is the money.

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