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Official 2015 ST Draft Talk

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by Midget Death Squad
Midget Death Squad NotreDame fan18915/2 5:58 pm
Midget Death Squad

2015 Saints Schedule

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by purplepylon
684/23 7:51 pm

CSP: "We got some guys around this time last yr we like. We like Toon as well"

(Page 1 2)
by Rand AlThor
Rand AlThor Saints fan205/3 9:02 am
WicKed WayZ

Saints should pursue La'el Collins

by boxcar willie
105/3 9:00 am

Return to heavy dose of OT eligible??

STEVED00 NCstate fan15/3 8:59 am
WicKed WayZ

UDFA thread

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by OMFGKenny
OMFGKenny Saints fan825/3 8:50 am

Jimmy's gonna block y'all

by rubberneck
rubberneck Tulane fan75/3 8:43 am

Saints Pick Marcus Murphy RB Round 7 Pick 230

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by lsutigers1992
lsutigers1992 Saints fan595/3 8:20 am

"Nobody to throw too"

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235/3 8:19 am

Saints traded their 6th and a 6th next year to move up and take Swann

by lsutigers1992
lsutigers1992 Saints fan175/3 8:17 am
boxcar willie

Saints Pick Damian Swann CB Round 5 Pick 167

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by lsutigers1992
lsutigers1992 Saints fan505/3 7:27 am

Who won the draft, ESPN

by djrunner
95/3 7:26 am
Hoodoo Man

General consensus of how the Saints have drafted so far

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by nateslu1
nateslu1 Saints fan515/3 3:03 am

I'm so happy a pick wasn't wasted on one of the "Edge Rushers"

by WalkingTurtles
155/3 2:33 am

*Not, Exactly what La'El wanted.

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by patendedgmf
815/3 1:40 am

Anyone else only jacked up about Stephone Anthony and no one else?

(Page 1 2)
by geauxtigers87
geauxtigers87 USA fan265/3 1:35 am

Unofficial Post Draft Depth Chart

by LosLobos111
LosLobos111 Pelicans fan195/2 11:20 pm

Saints Sign Bobby Richardson

by LosLobos111
LosLobos111 Pelicans fan65/2 9:15 pm

Any Good Kickers on the Market?

by Sparkplug#1
Sparkplug#115/2 8:11 pm

Love this draft much more than last year already

by LosLobos111
LosLobos111 Pelicans fan195/2 7:57 pm
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