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Official SNF Game Thread: Cowboys 20 Saints 26 | FINAL

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by Hoodoo Man LSU fan
Hoodoo Man LSU fan239510/4 11:53 pm
Hoodoo Man

2nd half Rush offense/defense

by LosLobos111 Pelicans fan
LosLobos111 Pelicans fan210/5 12:05 am
Hoodoo Man

Bench Drew Brees, play Luke in the 2nd half

by BRgetthenet LSU fan
BRgetthenet LSU fan1610/5 12:05 am

I take back my thread from the other day about Brees' Contract...

by Tiger Nation 84 LSU fan
Tiger Nation 84 LSU fan510/5 12:04 am

Keenan Lewis?

by jbritt25 Auburn fan
jbritt25 Auburn fan610/5 12:03 am

I'm calling it now Saints 28 Dallas 24

by xraytech LSU fan
xraytech LSU fan1210/4 11:58 pm

Beating a dead horse, but the refs were awful

by liquid rabbit LSU fan
liquid rabbit LSU fan1210/4 11:55 pm

Here's the reason why Hocker missed...

by slappa da bass LSU fan
slappa da bass LSU fan410/4 11:54 pm

Lookie What I Made

by Hoodoo Man LSU fan
Hoodoo Man LSU fan910/4 11:45 pm
Fun Bunch

is Kihaha defensive rookie of the year?

by rubberneck Tulane fan
rubberneck Tulane fan810/4 11:40 pm

Big Rob said meet him at the bar

by BayouRat15 Saints fan
BayouRat15 Saints fan610/4 11:39 pm

5 of the top 6 tacklers were rookies

by Vacherie Saint Saints fan
Vacherie Saint Saints fan810/4 11:36 pm
Ancient Astronaut

Future is Bright for the Defense

by Hoodoo Man LSU fan
Hoodoo Man LSU fan1810/4 11:36 pm

Let's all address the elephant in the room

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by Fox Mulder Tulane fan
Fox Mulder Tulane fan2110/4 11:27 pm

This young Defense gained some confidence tonight.

by Mouth Saints fan
Mouth Saints fan410/4 11:27 pm

Did Drew get hit on the head during the game?

by DollaChoppa NCstate fan
DollaChoppa NCstate fan110/4 11:21 pm
Hoodoo Man

The biggest missing piece on this team is the o-line

by HVO Joker Saints fan
HVO Joker Saints fan710/4 11:19 pm
Bestbank Tiger

Typical, kicks a 51 yarder but can't clutch a 30 yard kick.

by tigerNation09 Pelicans fan
tigerNation09 Pelicans fan810/4 11:18 pm

No Romo, no Dez, no Lee

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by Strannix LSU fan
Strannix LSU fan2610/4 11:17 pm

Brees doesn't need a timeout, a kicker or a healthy throwing arm to win

by Manswers LSU fan
Manswers LSU fan010/4 11:15 pm
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