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Trade Speculation
I know it does not necessarily sound like a true "package" for Gordon, but if I was Dell Demps in this situation, I would seriously consider trading Gordon for Klay Thompson straight up if Golden State would offer us Thompson in the first place. We have no leverage with Gordon this season, so I see this as a great offer if it Dell got the chance. You would get an up and coming SG for Gordon. Also, you would get a player who really has not been bothered by injuries in his career. Gordon's contract would also be taken off the shelf and Thompson would only be making a few million for the next few years. This would leave a ton of money for FA this season to spend on a solid C or SF. Not to mention, Thompson has proven he can score consistently every night and certainly shoot from the outside. I think he would be a great fit for this team. The only con I see to doing this trade would be the finisher at the end of games. For the most part, Thompson does not create his own shot off the dribble, but overall I would seriously consider the offer if Dell got the opportunity. Should we consider Gordon for Thompson straight up?

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re: Trade Speculation
I'd sure as hell take Thompson for him!

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re: Trade Speculation
What's the point of going to school, working your way up, then making lots of money if you never do fun stuff with it? There is none, just like there's no point in having a shite load of cap room without the ability to attract big time FA's. We have enough room now to make a big splash and if we do, having a core like we have will certainly be part of why a player will choose to play here.

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re: Trade Speculation
Should i make a thread for all trade ideas/speculation?

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re: Trade Speculation

Should i make a thread for all trade ideas/speculation?

Apparently that is the idea. I started a thread when I heard the news and now everyone is starting threads about their trade ideas.

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re: Trade Speculation
This board has changed from Hornets Talk to Trade Spec

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re: Trade Speculation
GS would never trade Klay for EG.

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