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Elizabeth Cook is mad

Ok, I've got a lot to say about this. Metro police, city counsel, we need relationship counseling stat. Yall just got a serious public relations problem. And I got a big mouth. The Family Wash has been a long running beacon, a pioneer in this neighborhood paving the way for the now rampant swanky restaurant culture, (which has directly led to the spike in property values, therefore tax revenues yall are enjoying all courtesy of the east side, and none of this i promise you is many degrees removed from the longstanding Family Wash). They have forged this path mostly alone, isolated on their corner thanks to a shitty landlord, and consistently plagued by crime, inside the restaurant, outside the restaurant, the guy across the street that got his head blown off and died laying is blood, which i actually got to hear go down, as I'm just a few houses away. The jazz player who refused to give up his car at gunpoint and got shot in the neck. The waitress that was pinned to the ground...Where are the civic resources generated here to protect this obvious target Where is the respect for this small business that has duked it out in the face of adversity and worked their tales off, LITERALLY and LEGALLY? They are down there peeling potatoes at 10 o clock every morning, letting bands from the neighborhood prepping for tour, rehearse, letting aspiring artists have photo shoots, while other artists hang their posters and paintings. I'm sick of the cops that ride by during the day, sometimes standing there physically arched up, threatening to pull you over at 10am, while the gangs roll through that stop sign, after yall are long gone, without tapping the brakes, armed and loaded around 2am everynite, all sure seems yall turn the other cheek. Do you WANT me to get my daddy's stockpile out the attic and clean that shite up and start target practicing? Do you your job for you? Sick of it. Talk to me. Because I sure dont understand

What she is talking about LINK

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re: Elizabeth Cook is mad
Family Wash is legit in East Nashville

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re: Elizabeth Cook is mad
I mean, it's East's never had the reputation as being 'safe'

Yea, the groovy scene is around there, but it's not a safe place in all.

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