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re: Downton Abbey?


I found myself doing other things like, oh, working or going to take a shit

I'm a big fan of the second.

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re: Downton Abbey?
Awesome series that you will enjoy until the end of season 3. Then you will regret watching it like the rest of us.

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re: Downton Abbey?

Lord Grantham becomes a bully and a buffoon. He's practically a villain by the end of the season.

I'm really surprised you feel this way. Lord Grantham represents the old traditions and I thought they did a good job of showing how people used to the old ways had to adapt or die.

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re: Downton Abbey?
He becomes a buffoon and does not learn from his mistakes. It took Matthew's stroke of ridiculous luck and imposing his will upon him to ensure he didn't make anymore poor investments.
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re: Downton Abbey?
Yeah, there's reluctance to change with the times and outright hostility to anyone who even slightly threatens his exhaulted place in the social heirarchy. He goes from wanting Matthew to be involved in the running of the manor in S1 to being directly hostile to any of his suggestions in S3, and trying to just ignore problems. It was so out of character for him to be, well, a bad person. Too tied to tradition? Sure. But hateful? And staggeringly dumb?

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re: Downton Abbey?
I watched the first 3 parts of season 1 last night and really enjoyed it will hopefully finish it today.

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re: Downton Abbey?

After what happened at the end of Season 3 (the Christmas Special) I'm officially done with the show.

My wife and I lost interest as well. I understand when a show has contractual issues but the way they managed the end of season 3 was terrible.

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re: Downton Abbey?
That was bad. And his wife after a certain major incident (avoiding spoilers) turns into an evil bitch but then reverts back to normal in an instant when the doctor decides to give him cover with a pretty lame story.

I hope they get back to the quality of season one but that seems nearly impossible from where they find themselves now.

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