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Where can I go open a Roth IRA?

I'm fairly young, although don't make a ton of money, but have decided I want to open a RIRA for my future. I bank with Wells Fargo, can I just go see someone in there? Or do I need to go to a non-bank financial company?

I would prefer to not open one online just because I'm sure I might have some questions and would like to do it with someone face to face. Thanks.

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re: Where can I go open a Roth IRA?
Wells Fargo should be able to help you. But, Fidelity (I know) and Schwab (I think) have store front locations in many towns. They can help you face to face. I use Fidelity and Vanguard and recommend them both.

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re: Where can I go open a Roth IRA?
Where do you live?

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re: Where can I go open a Roth IRA?
I opened mine online through TD Ameritrade and linked it to my brokerage account.

It was really easy and I've got no complaints.

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re: Where can I go open a Roth IRA?
It all depends on what you want to invest in.

Mine is at sharebuilder (they have nice automated investment features and you can buy partial shares), but I will be transferring it to Vanguard.
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re: Where can I go open a Roth IRA?
I use Vanguard, TD Ameritrade and Fidelity all online.

We have a new Scottrade in town, nice people. I'm shifting accounts to them. Great to walk into an office.

Have not been to the Schwab store in town.

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