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re: What's wrong with AAPL?


I'm not sure what area you think they are going to innovate in.

That's the beauty of it...I'm sure in 2006 no one thought they would need a phone that does everything that an iPhone does but now no one can live without one.

You don't really know what can be innovated until it happens and then next thing you know, it's the new hot thing that everyone has to have.

Hell, they could create a new chair and a year later, everyone wants that new chair for their house.

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re: What's wrong with AAPL?
It has the 4g LTE (the biggest thing for me), a bigger screen and lighter weight. Another big thing for me that probably doesn't mean much to other people, is that you can use facetime over your 4g connection. Since I travel a decent amount, and especially when I have trials which last a week or so at a time in different cities, I will still be able to see my family when I speak with them at night. I know it sounds like a little thing, but it sure makes travel easier.

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re: What's wrong with AAPL?
Smartphones have to be one of the biggest values imaginable. I've listed the costs of each technology ~7 years ago for comparison. My current phone is a:

Phone: ~$175
Digital Camera: ~$250
Digital Video Camera: ~$250
Ipod: ~$200
PDA: ~$300
Portable Game Console: ~$150
GPS: ~$200
Ereader: ~$100 (Didn't exist 7 years ago, but that's the cheapest current price)

The list could go on, but those are just the basics.

That is $1600 worth of stuff packed into one phone for a few hundred dollars.

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re: What's wrong with AAPL?

Btw Samsung Galaxy became the #1 phone this week
Unfortunately, though the Samsung hardware is nice and cheaper than its Apple competitor, Android is not in the same league.

Having used both, I wouldn't want to be saddled with an Android-based unit again. Ever.

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re: What's wrong with AAPL?




Just out of curiosity, what makes the 5 $170 better then what you had? Not a flame, I truly don't know what the upgrades are and am just curious.

The screen is larger and is much nicer for watching streaming video and web browsing. I had iOS 6 on both devices, and the 5 runs it much more smoothly and seamlessly. The chipspeed improvement on the 5 means applications like Maps render so much faster in comparison to my 4s. They also have turn-by-turn directions that are excellent as well.

But the biggest deal for me is LTE. It's truly amazing how fast this phone streams and renders LTE data. It's compared well-if not superior to-WiFi.

For me, using iCloud & iTunes Match to stream my music collection, that's important to me. The improvement in data transmission and chipspeed means what I want done gets done with more speed, polish, and seamlessness than before.

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