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re: So, did anyone pick up god of war?

The trial of Archimedes was so hard!


Your not the only one, something is being done about it.

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re: So, did anyone pick up god of war?
I agree with most of the other posters. I picked it up but I've only played GOW3 and I also picked up God of War Saga to catch me up on everything but in regards to the new GOW its defently gonna be a let down no matter what because how do you follow the epic bosses GOW3 had. I mean you can't follow up Hades, Hercules, Zues, and the Titan Cronos?

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re: So, did anyone pick up god of war?
I think it was the least fun of all the GOW games including the PSP ones i just played with the GOW saga pack. That being said i find them all extremely fun to play.


The plot was pretty week. i was hoping for some pre Ares Kratos, or at least when he was still serving ares. but instead it filled in a part of the story i didn't really know existed, and didn't really further anything.

I believe they cranked this one out as a last hurrah on the PS3, and are saving GOW4 for the PS4

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