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re: ***Official Blops II Fap Thread***



F U, I'm a full blown runner and gunner, good and bad games.

I don't use a secondary so that it's my knife, so when I'm sprinting all around the map I can whip it out and stab you in the face.

I had a 30-6, 22-3 after that before logging off.

Was just in a groove tonight now that I got my weapon how I wanted it. Only level 32, got it Wednesday.

Got my weapon perfect for me now, and goin' ham.
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re: ***Official Blops II Fap Thread***

Was just in a groove tonight now that I got my weapon how I wanted it.

It was definitely a pain in the arse to get the SMR to fully auto, but it is SO worth it now.

My only problem is I sometimes forget at the beginning of the game to switch, so I put one bullet in the first person I see then remember I didn't switch it over to fully auto

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re: ***Official Blops II Fap Thread***
Got the K/D up to 2.0/1.99 but my w/l looks like yosts playcalling. I'm gettign stuck into games that are 10 kills from being over, or score in dom is so bad, that it's a loss whether i stay or leave the lobby.

This killed my w/l in BO and MW3. I was stuck in more games that were 1 minute from ending in a loss than playing in a brand new lobby.

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re: ***Official Blops II Fap Thread***
The scorpion evo is insane. My kd is over 3 with it.

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