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Xmas Dinner Suggestions

I'm gonna grill up some steaks for xmas dinner this year cause I'm a little burnt out on turkey and ham.

Gonna have baked potatoes and a green salad with sister schubert rolls to go along with it.

However I still need one more side and I'd like to make a quick appetizer for everyone while i finish the grilling

I also am undecided on a dessert. I want to do a bananas fosters but the wife is griping for me to do something else. Looking for any and all suggestions

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re: Xmas Dinner Suggestions
Since the grill is going, how about some bacon wrapped grilled shrimp? Or skip the bacon and marinate the shrimp in a chipotle lime marinade?

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re: Xmas Dinner Suggestions
A side that is traditional for the holidays spinach madilene would suffice as it is memory to most, and dubs for creamed spinach. Dessert is a bit trickier, but ever given a thought to crepes? Strawberry crepes with a strawberry/ Grand Marnier sauce to top them, and a pinch of whipped cream.

ETA cheatum method strawberry short cake.
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re: Xmas Dinner Suggestions
Get a sack of oysters and do some raw, some chargrilled

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re: Xmas Dinner Suggestions

Get a sack of oysters and do some raw, some chargrilled

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re: Xmas Dinner Suggestions
I'm doing beef Wellington for 30.

Yeah, 30.

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