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re: Easy Grilled Asian Ribs (with pics)

I do these occasionally. Typically, I use beef ribs. Kraft makes a teriyaki BBQ sauce which is good to glaze with.

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re: Easy Grilled Asian Ribs (with pics)
It's a nice departure from the regular bbq ribs. I like to make my own sauce because I can tweak it however I want - extra sweetness, extra salty, or, as Jones said, add some heat. I gave out the ingredients, but not the amounts that I used, because it's to taste and I never measure - I just fiddle with it until it tastes good. I usually start with 2 parts soy, 1 part hoisin, 1 part red-wine vinegar, and the rest I just add in.

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re: Easy Grilled Asian Ribs (with pics)
Looks awesome!

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