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re: Talent v Fit


I suppose you're a general manager, right?
nah but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night


If not, our opinions are just that, opinions
so general managers opinions are facts?


IMO Len has upside, because of his size but his talent seems to be lacking.

you can't teach size. he got a very high ceiling imo. don't know if he'll reach it but worth the risk imo
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re: Talent v Fit
I'd think you'd be better off building a system around the players, not vice versa.

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re: Talent v Fit
If the talent difference is really substantial, my inclination in basketball is to go with BPA (assuming the guy has no issues). I think all star level is tough to pass up. Now it may be different if you're really set at a position. Even then, there are so many possible options for using different lineups in different situations. I'm not as fixated on clearly defined positions as I once was.

Now if there is a glaring need at a "position", maybe you analyze the choice differently.

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