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re: Manny on Modern Family


I used to not mind Manny when it was "Ha, the kid acts like an adult" here and there, but it's super overblown now and just stupid.

That's pretty much how I feel. It's not even funny anymore. It the writing + acting. Still the best sitcom on TV.

As for the rest of the Manny lovers....

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re: Manny on Modern Family
I think they are having issues of where to go with Manny, his and Luke's storylines will essentialy be the same. Kid faces puberty, surrounded by gays and girls, etc.

Now Lilly, she is just bad.

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re: Manny on Modern Family
I've watched two or three episodes of How to Live with your Parents for the Rest of your Life and the little girl who plays the daughter knocks it out of the park.

She comes off as everything Lily isn't. Cute and funny. She pulled off an incredibly tough line last night about relationships and the first thing I thought was that Lilly would have butchered that so bad in her monotone voice.
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re: Manny on Modern Family
I will say the episoded where Lilly said she was gay was funny, particularly when they were in the Vietnames restaurant.

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re: Manny on Modern Family

And I remember reading an article about the girl who plays Alex...something like her parents ride her HARD to keep her weight down, and it stresses her out to the point where she can't keep weight off and is getting bigger. Some shite like that.

I'm not 100% certain either, but I am confident in saying that it was her mother was abusive in controlling her eating habits and the actress was taken away from her.

Then being away from the mom, she started ballooning up.

I saw a few posts on Reddit about her. There's pictures of her on different weekends dressed like a skank at a farmer's market while chowing down on corn dogs, ice cream, cotton candy, and other unhealthy carnival-type food.

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