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DoubleDownSusan from Georgia on WWL about the SaintsAh ok. Maybe I just misinterpreted. I've never had anything but pleasant experiences at the Superdome. Then again, I don't talk a ton of shite (I save that for here, sorta) I almost hate that we play each other in Week 1. It's weird that it's so early in the season.

I have a feeling if you had called in DD it would have been a completely different result.
But as some have said, I can't believe any Saints fan who isn't even from New Orleans would call an Atlanta station bashing the Falcons - in MAY; although you never know.
BTW, what she doesn't even realize is that hardly NO ONE in the N.O. metro area talk Cajun OR southern drawl. It's mostly Bronxish or Brooklynese. And that comes from thousands of New Yorkers coming down at the turn of the century to work at the Port of New Orleans - and staying.
I absolutely despise people who lump 1.2 million people in the metro area as all talking a certain way. You think we talk funny in the South, did you ever hear someone from Minnesohhhhda or She-caaa-goo or Queens or L.A.
Stupid b----h....

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re: Susan from Georgia on WWL about the Saints

I'll be in front of the Superdome for game 1 in Falcons gear and betcha Deke wouldn't do a gotttdamn thing.

oohhh u so badass brah

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