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re: Defensive Coordinator Radar

This headline from SaintsReport doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.


New Orleans Saints are willing to look past warning signs with defensive coordinator candidate Rob Ryan

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re: Defensive Coordinator Radar
Not excited about the potential Ryan hire I am.

His players seem to like him, but I'd almost want someone who's going to come in and be intense and respected while being liked.

Ryan comes off as a big friendly oaf to me.

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re: Defensive Coordinator Radar
Ok Yoda

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re: Defensive Coordinator Radar

Just a heads up, the Niners blocked Donatell from interviewing last offseason...can't remember the club, though. There has to be an agreement between the two sides, that's a dick move otherwise.

He said he would listen to the Saints during the super bowl though

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re: Defensive Coordinator Radar
Someone PLEASE tell me that we have more then one LARGE ROUND blip on our radar.....

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re: Defensive Coordinator Radar
I think the radar is broken.

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