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re: Camping @ Its Finest

I miss you and MJ. Nohomo

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re: Camping @ Its Finest
I got nothing on this guy.

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re: Camping @ Its Finest
Ran up against a guy trying this the other day but used bouncing betty's instead. I kept hacking them and blowing them up. I'm pretty sure he went negative that game because my party was hell bent on just fricking him up.

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re: Camping @ Its Finest

I kept hacking them and blowing them up.

yeah in this video, no one was trying to hack his shite and that's why it was so beast.

seems like an easy counter against someone doing this.

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re: Camping @ Its Finest
I agree that a whole group of people trying to hack his equipment would be problematic, but someone running this is more likely to face a bunch of unorganized plebs.

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re: Camping @ Its Finest
Sid has been trying this today

I made him play kill confirmed. That shield resting on his back ate a lot of bullets.

I think he ran shield, shotty, scavenger, trophy, bouncing betty, with sentry and guardian scorestreaks

Camped the bungelow on hijacked like a boss

Definitely foresee sid making someone rage hard later on demolition

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