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re: Tiger Basketball Review - Recent Past vs. Present

My favorite part about Coach Jones:

Image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-DSuwhl2DpDw/UPH8eM3eeeI/AAAAAAAAAR0/b2rPZ8c2hH4/s640/IMG_0275.JPG

In almost every picture I take, he is standing up in the background. Coach TJ was always sitting down acting like he wasn't even watching.

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re: Tiger Basketball Review - Recent Past vs. Present

What screens, cuts, and dribble penetration? The half court offense still looks mostly like last year; teams packing the lane leading to lots of dribbling and passing around the perimeter, then jack up a 3

Ok, maybe I'm watching a different game but screens, cuts, and penetration is all I'm seeing this year in the half court.

It seems like every game we go high post against a zone and try to backdoor our 4's and 5's or penetrate (see the Auburn game) or call for Carmouche/Hickey/Coleman to break down the perimeter and get penetration, or run Stringer around 347324 screens. Again, maybe my eyes are deceiving me but I would dare say that 1/3 of the time Stringer is in the game, he is running around screens without the ball in an attempt to get open. Hell, part of the reason Tuba has been able to get easy looks this year is because of our guards getting penetration and causing the defense to forget about him. Or look at the Seton Hall highlights, you'll see some plays where we were able to burn them on backdoor cuts when we got the ball within 15 feet.

In my opinion, though they don't always execute or hit their shots, this offense seems much more active than last year. Yea, there will still be passing around the perimeter, especially when you have shooters and a weak front court, but I really dont see the same type of offense.
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