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re: books on EMP's

Jericho is a great series.

There's a graphic novel that continues the story.

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re: books on EMP's

Where can I find that,

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re: books on EMP's

EMP is not anywhere near the same risk of happening as a dirty bomb.

They are very, very , very difficult to generate, mainly because you need to have a complex thermonuclear weapon, have it sophisticated enough to get it into the upper atmosphere, and detonate.

And the effects of them are often WAY overstated.

To the point that I wouldn't be surprised that every book listed here, is wrong.

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re: books on EMP's


You could count the number of nations that could do it with the fingers on one hand.

NKorea just put something up in the orbit-sphere.

I would count them.

I know you're all Biden-like, snorting and demeaning "no way anyone gets a bomb... and they can't even make a way to deliver it" but alas, history is littered with frogs who found themselves boiled in the pot.

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re: books on EMP's

Read all of those and they were great. I think about Lights Out more than the others b/c of the neighborhood / family scenario, may not be likely but really makes you think about what would happen. For the naysayers of the EMP attack, read Foreign Enemies and Traitors by Matthew Bracken, for another likely perspective of societal breakdown and sell out govmnt officials/bureaucrats !

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re: books on EMP's

Jericho was on netflix for awhile. It was one of the first shows my wife and i could watch together. We both loved it and kept hearing that it would get picked up again but never did.

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