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re: awesome. I can rage out now.


Losing out will net, what, maybe one or two spots in the draft?

There are 12 teams bunched up at 4-9 to 6-7. The Saints are right in the middle of that big ball of meh. Losing out vs. winning out could be the difference between picking 5th or 15th.

Now I'm not sure if I want the Saints to work the system and tank for a pick or to win blowouts the last 3 weeks to remind people that Roger Goodell screwed a contender, but to act like there isn't much difference between winning and losing at this point is just inaccurate.

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re: awesome. I can rage out now.
I would love nothing more than to put the final fork in the Bucs next week and end their slim playoff hopes. frick Josh Freeman and his soul glo hair

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re: awesome. I can rage out now.
I'll never bandwagon on the Saints. They will be much better next year. Time to regroup.

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