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re: Pappy Van Winkle

Nope never have. Know a lot of their people but have been at Mansurs for 5 years in February.

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re: Pappy Van Winkle
Well it's all gone and I didn't get any. I refuse to pay these insane black market-esque prices for Bourbon, no matter how good it is.

I got the call that it had arrived at my store - $219 for the 15 year (MSRP $79) and $329 for the 20 year (MSRP $129). I don't know who was gouging, the store or the distributor. Those same prices were quoted to me for another store in Ruston that isn't affiliated with my Shreveport store at all. Not to mention those Dorignacs prices were some of the highest in the nation (anecdotal evidence from the ORVW Facebook page). So is Republic Distributing responsible for this gouging?

I'll wait for some sanity to return to the market place. It shouldn't take very long for the novelty to wear off and for these trendy a-holes to figure out they don't like the taste of Bourbon.

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re: Pappy Van Winkle
I was talking to a guy at Martin's Wine Cellar and he says they get 40 or so calls A DAY for it. He says its insane that people are so all over it all of a sudden.

They get a few bottles in and they call select costumers to buy it, that have been buying it for years. They won't sell it to anyone else.

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