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re: Is Clerks II as good as the original?


the majority of people playing the side characters in Clerks 1 are just flat out terrible actors.

That's part of the charm. It's a comedy about some people hanging around a convenience store this isn't Citizen Kane where you actually need these people to nail their lines. For the most part everybody was just playing off of Randall and Dante, who weren't good actors themselves.

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re: Is Clerks II as good as the original?
D&R arent great but to me its painful to watch the other people stumble over lines and know that it couldnt be fixed simply b/c they had no money.

maybe thats just b/c I work in media though.

before I moved into tv and film (nothing anyone would have heard of here ) I did TV news and would actually ask people to repeat answers during interviews if they flubbed their words.

so perhaps I'm just OCD or something when it comes to that stuff

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