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Frick your children's future. Frick your college trusts, your stock options, your IRA's, your 2nd homes, your entire portfolio.

America is suffering; it is obscene that people are concerned only about themselves and their wealth.

You guys are a joke.

Image: https://i.canvasugc.com/ugc/original/5c92c9f4295f4019d548dcf044d13582af71d2d4.png width=250

Also, you might consider if your notion of "suffering" qualifies as "a joke".

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re: U.S. Corporate Profits

Newsflash: the poorest children in the U.S living in "poverty" have a better standard of living than the half the children living outside the U.S. I've worked there and seen those children in Africa and Asia.

If Ethan won't respond, perhaps someone needs to channel his thinking. I'll give it a shot.

Those Asian and African countries clearly need to raise their corporate tax rate. Children will not be safe until Africa and Asia learn the value of taking more money from corporations. It is only when corporations have LESS money that children can earn HIGHER wages.

Am I doing it right Ethan?

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