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lsu mike
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re: Drew has thrown us out of the playoffs

Just like all the miles lovers for lsu. Say one thing negative about brees and some idiot apologist start throwing stupid arse accusations around about fans wanting to cut brees when it was never mentioned.

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Lester Earl
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re: Drew has thrown us out of the playoffs


But ... if a QB cannot be criticized for throwing 7 fricking INTs in two weeks including two pick 6's ... then, we might as well go find JJ and JL and sign'em up.

we lost last week because of him.

i don't think we lost this week because of him.

a 3pt or tied game plays out differently. We could have ran the ball (Pierre was running very well) and not passed every down. Our OL is not good enough for us to pass every down.

Moore let him down. Sproles dropping that sideline pass and not getting 1st down, Graham on that stupid block. I mean shite. You can't ask Brees to always be perfect. He was good enough along with the D to win that game

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