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re: Hate having neighbors


Its his land and he can do as he pleases
It's his land but it's not his game, really. Well, I guess it is now.

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re: Hate having neighbors
I understand your frustration. Despite his age, sounds like your neighbor's hunting maturity is "stuck" in the early stages of hunting maturity. You may already be familiar w/ the stages of hunting maturity, but I'd not heard of it until I accompanied my son on his Hunter's Safety Course. You might find this info enlightening. I've seen a LOT of hunter's w/ MANY years of hunting experience who are stuck in stage 1 or 2; I've also seen a number of youngster's, some of whom are only teens, who are at advanced stages of hunting. Lots of time, I can tell what stage a hunter is at in the first few seconds of meeting him for the first time.....Being asked, "Have you killed anything yet?" tells you a lot about a hunter. :-)


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