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re: Who Are You Voting For? (include your race)

First, undecided.



I'm still undecided because from what I can tell they are both bullshiteeting the American public anyway.


They are all promising the moon, and I don't think either one of these candidates can come close to delivering, let alone even try to deliver. It really comes down to where do you want your chinese loaned dollars spent.

All the ads, at least all the ads that aren't attack ads, sound the same, with generic feel good phrases whether local, national, presidential, or state senate... "for the people," "middle class," "your best interests," "create jobs," etc. Pretty disgusting. But as long as we are a two party system, that is all that matters. Float promises, and get elected by the letter next to your name [R/D].

yea, I'm a little mad

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re: Who Are You Voting For? (include your race)

You voting for Obama in Louisiana is a joke. Save your gas money if you voted 10 times for Obama he will still not win in Louisiana..THANK GOD !!!!

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re: Who Are You Voting For? (include your race)

Obama - White

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