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How do you feel about Jazz covers of Rock songs?

ruzil SLU fan411/13 10:02 am
by ChoupiqueSacalait

Need some bisco tunes on my way to ATX!

StickyFingaz LSU fan1711/13 9:08 am
by Spaulding Smails

Most over rated artist: Tupac, Elvis or Michael Jackson?

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Chad504boy Saints fan2311/13 1:19 am
by LSUandAU

Foo Fighters new album releases today, listening to Pink Floyd as well

JumpingTheShark Saints fan1311/12 9:48 pm
by JumpingTheShark

New Eminem Cypher promoting his new album

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Chadzilla Saints fan2111/12 7:19 pm
by tankyank13

Juvenile's new song with Rich Gang "Sho Me Love"

arseinclarse USA fan411/12 5:28 pm
by LSUrme

LucasP are you there

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WilliamTaylor21 LSU fan2011/12 4:43 pm
by Tiger Ryno

What genres of music do you listen to while doing various tasks?

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StickyFingaz LSU fan4311/12 4:39 pm
by danman6336

Cowboy Mouth @ Generations Hall

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jlu03 LSU fan2111/12 4:12 pm
by danman6336

Your First Relationship Song?

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FootballNostradamus Clemson fan2511/12 3:00 pm
by Flamefighter

New Parquet Courts

Meursault311/12 1:36 pm
by Meursault

Shovels & rope tix

ZekeTheTeke LSU fan511/12 12:47 pm
by ZekeTheTeke

Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and Machine Head all coming to the HOB in January

JS87 Saints fan1511/12 11:46 am
by Lakeboy7

No thread for The Concert for Valor?

John McClane Saints fan1211/12 11:10 am
by monsterballads

James Taylor Concert Check In

xXLSUXx Saints fan211/12 12:55 am

The Pizza Tapes (Garcia, Rice, Grisman) *Not Bisco Content*

CaptainPanic USoA fan1711/12 12:14 am
by CaptainPanic

Post a link to an old music commercial

JumpingTheShark Saints fan611/11 11:14 pm
by Sal Minella

If you are interested in instrumental rock then listen to this band

Phyacs OM011/11 8:31 pm
by Phyacs OM

Best Monday morning song?

The Pirate King Pelicans fan1711/11 8:20 pm
by Zantrix

RIP Big Bank Hank

Jim Rockford LSU fan111/11 2:44 pm

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