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Viet Cong

clooneyisgod LSU fan51/19 11:22 am
by hogfly

Songs that should have been done by someone else

ballscaster151/19 11:12 am
by Fontainebleau Dr.

Acoustics at The Civic

VOR Pelicans fan41/19 9:24 am
by LSUrme

Red Dirt/Texas Music fans, Cody Canada's HippieLovePunk is pretty good.

TigerinKorea LSU fan11/19 8:49 am

New Music

AUTigerTimothy04 Auburn fan71/19 7:17 am
by sertorius

Best stalker song???

NATidefan Alabama fan111/18 11:49 pm
by Zappas Stache

Breaking down Outfit by Jason Isbell/DBT...

NATidefan Alabama fan111/18 11:24 pm
by McLemore

What are your favorite albums of all time?

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CrimsonFever Alabama fan461/18 8:20 pm
by BigOrangeBri

One little known song about Billy the Kidd

prplhze2000 LSU fan11/18 4:36 pm
by Bayou Sam

Black female country singer

GeauxLSUGRL LSU fan171/18 4:27 pm
by CaptainPanic

Let's make a playlist of the best 90's indie rock

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Meursault521/18 1:48 pm
by Meursault

Jazz Fest info

shawtiger LSU fan11/18 10:58 am
by HeadyBrosevelt

u turn orbit vs audio technica lp120

houndstoothornet Memphis fan11/18 9:27 am
by JumpingTheShark

the Roundhouse Tapes.

prplhze2000 LSU fan01/17 11:49 pm
by prplhze2000

Is there a modern rock station in BTR?

mpar98 LSU fan71/17 6:22 pm
by Horsemeat

Metallica St Anger Without Trashcan-Like Drums

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Caduceus Cellars Butler fan221/17 6:16 pm
by Horsemeat

Good Mardi Gras Pandora Station

EMILIO Saints fan01/17 3:01 pm

Why is there such a large variation in vinyl prices?

chickman1313 USA fan61/17 1:57 pm
by TheFolker

Favorite song you know everyone else will hate: Post 'Em

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northshorebamaman Alabama fan231/17 12:44 pm
by FootballNostradamus

Hangout fest is $280 bucks!!

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LSULyle00690 LSU fan261/17 10:18 am
by TigerTatorTots

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