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Bayou Country Superfest

Deuce16611/9 7:06 pm
by jimbeam

Quasi-Official: Music Board LSU/bama Playlist and Roll Call

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Spaulding Smails5711/9 2:53 pm
by CaptainPanic

Dear, Trashville

WeeWee LSU fan711/8 1:48 pm
by monsterballads

FS: Neutral Milk Hotel Varsity Theatre tickets (Thurs 11/6 and Fri 11/7)

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gjackx LSU fan2411/8 9:48 am
by TheSexecutioner

Willie Nelson Song/Video Help Needed

Kracka UNC fan411/8 12:42 am
by Zappas Stache

Would Kurt Cobain have been more successful than Eddie Vedder?

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tigerbru17 BostonCollege fan5911/7 11:50 pm
by monsterballads

Wife is cutting onions again

CHiPs25 Georgia fan611/7 9:10 pm
by PhifeDogg

Simple Minds might be the most underrated band of the 80's

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Spaulding Smails4711/7 5:25 pm
by Hooligan's Ghost

In lieu of BCS, give me specific examples why country music is in a poor state.

Rust Cohle1511/7 5:10 pm
by FightinTigersDammit

Why do modern country songs talk about mixed tapes?

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NATidefan Alabama fan3311/7 4:26 pm
by illuminatic

Temples debut album Sun Structures

Cockopotamus SouthCarolina fan1711/7 1:51 pm
by Rolo84

Save country music on my ipod

weisertiger LSU fan1811/7 12:35 pm
by Rickety Cricket

Where does Neil Young rank among songwriters all-time?

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saint amant steve LSU fan5811/7 12:24 pm
by Tigris

Wu-Tang is still #1! I present to you Wu-Tang Clan - Ruckus In B Minor!

lsu480 LSU fan611/7 12:20 pm
by Napoleon

PSA: Country sucks, so stop making threads about it

Dave England Saints fan1311/10 5:00 pm
by SaintlyTiger88

A review of Guns N' Roses' "Locomotive"

Fontainebleau Dr. Saints fan1811/7 9:21 am
by DosManos

"Tarkus" - Emerson Lake and Palmer

Dave England Saints fan1211/7 9:13 am
by CBandits82

I'll leave this here

Ishmael Auburn fan211/7 8:39 am
by MountainTiger

First Aid Kit @ House of Blues w/few Pics

Sparky36 LSU fan411/7 7:27 am

Suwannee Hulaween Review

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Large Farva LSU fan2111/7 6:08 am
by Motorboat

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